Ash X Quista

Ch Amarok’s Inner Sanctum ~ “Ash” ~ WS 46344303
GCH Amarok’s Northern Sanctuary ~ “Quista” ~ WS 50486602
3 pups ~ due 1/6/2021!
Great blood flow to and from the heart. Looking good!
Here is Quista doing what she has been doing much of the time; resting. She has lost most of her tuck up (as you can easily see), so that means “growth”, which is a good thing.
The Whelping Box was set up this morning after the living room was rearranged. It will stay this way until the pups can get out of it. Then, the playpen will be set up in the back room to give them more room. The Snuggle Puppy has new batteries in its beating heart and is ready to go. There will be blankets and sheets up on the fencing when the pups are whelped to give Quista privacy, warmth and security for bonding with the pups. I am hoping for “Safe Landing” next week. Her x-ray is Saturday, January 2nd first thing in the morning.
The Whelping Box is now about 2/3 covered. The bottom has pads in it and towels, washcloths and additional pads are at the ready. Now just waiting and in “Puppy Watch” mode.
As you can see, most time dogs don’t really even look pregnant until their very last week of pregnancy. Here is Quista with only a few days to go. Her temperature has started to drop and can be variable the last several days, but that means it is getting close.
Now that the Whelping Box is covered and set up (water is in there, too), it has been opened up for her to explore. She went right in and is checking things out. I am sure she remembers it from her first singleton pup, Kaede. Lots of happy memories.
Quista has been in and out of it multiple times the last few days. She has also been drinking water from in the Whelping Box as well as from her crate. The other dogs are not allowed in, I only want her scent in there, as well as my own. But, instinctively, the other dogs just go to the door and peer in. Very smart-they are!
As you an clearly see Quista is just taking her good old time even though I have told her multiple times to “Get with the Program!” But, we are making progress. Her temp continues to drop, she has cleaned out her bowels and refused to eat at both meals today. You can also clearly see that she is dropping much of the fur on her belly. All of these are excellent progress signs. Today-1/6/2021- is exactly 63 days from her first breeding. 63 days from her second breeding will be on the 8th. Puppy watch continues!
Here is the x-ray which was taken 1/2/2021. As you can see (by counting skulls and spines) there are only 2 pups now. Quista absorbed one of the fetus’. This does happen in dogs and, though unfortunate, it just happens and you deal with it. I am pleased that we have 2 wonderful well developed pups that will be making their way into the world shortly. Hoping the lower pup gets turned around, but pups can come out breech, they just can’t be in the pelvic cavity as long as pups that comes out head first. However, it would very well be that he gets turned around just fine as there is a lot of room in there to maneuver with only the 2 pups.
Quista started heavy laboring 1/6 about 8 PM. By 10:30, with no pups making their appearance, I called my local vet and got some advice, which we followed. By 12:30 AM (1/7) with still no pups it was decided to take her to Buffalo to the large Emergency Vet Hospital, where it was shown the pups were in distress, so an immediate c-section was done. Very long story short, one did not survive. So with an extremely heavy heart the car drove home about 7 AM with only Quista and one red boy who looks remarkably like his dad, Ash. The other little Boy is flying high North of the Rainbow Bridge to his Granddad- Coop; Great Granddad- Benson; Uncles Kaho-Zandaar and Higgins~ His Aunts- Reba, Song, Isis and Suka. God Speed Little Man!
Not much description needed here!
Here is the little guy! He has no name yet, but fear not as one will be coming as soon as I get just a very few winks and can think just a smidge clearer! He looks amazingly like his dad did at this age. It will be terrific to watch him grow and see if he follows his path. Now, his dad has a BIG mouth and this guy has one, too! Quista is just starting to bond with him. Bonding takes longer as she had to have the section and due to anesthesia and being unconscious during the birth; it creates difficulties. However, I will get it done, but it takes days, sometimes.
Here is the very first photo of Ash meeting his son. Ash has an incredible temperament and that is one of the reasons I wanted to carry on his lineage. No dog (truly– NOTHING) is perfect, but when breeding you try to pick the best of each breeding pair so that hopefully their offspring will be just a tidge better than each parent. Just like you want your children to be just a little better off than you are when they are grown!
The red boy is BIG! He weighs in at 1#3 oz. at birth. That was just one of the problems with why Quista could not free whelp either him (or his brother, who was the same size). Quista is a small, petite bitch weighing in at just a scant 40#. Ash weighs about 48#. Siberians are moderate dogs built for endurance.
Quista is making strides with bonding. I am letting her have short periods alone with the little red boy and she is gentle with him. I won’t let them be together alone all night long for several nights yet. I need to be sure she has her full faculties back and the pup is safe with her. But, she has made good strides considering he is only 2 days old. He is nursing well gaining over 1.5# already, so it is good he has time away from her! But, he is a big mover heading all over the place, so that is good! He has become considerably less vocal in the last day and is now a much quieter pup, just yelling when his needs are not being met.
Just a great little head shot with him nuzzled in Quista’s fur.
Whenever I start out doing any close work with puppies, I always get them used to being on their back. The easiest way to do this is a nice relaxing chest rub. A dog’s submissive position is belly up, so pups need to learn early to feel comfortable on their back with me. They usually start out resisting, but I never let them win. They settle out with time, a soothing voice and a gently slow chest rub. They realize this is not so bad.
Since, today’s activity of choice is trimming nails, I start out with massaging each paw, slowly and gently. Your pup needs to feel comfortable having ALL parts of his/her body touched by you. {You will see this activity addressed in following days, but I don’t try to do it all in one day. He is, after all, only 2 days old.} After I have done this to all 4 pads a few times each, I get the nail trimmers.
As you can see, I use just regular human nail clips initially as puppy nails are so teeny tiny and you just want to take off the very tip of these extremely sharp nails, esp. for a Siberian like Quista, who has a large abdominal incision. I just take the end hook off each one. Yesterday, the little red boy had his dew claws removed. Some dogs have them on the front and back, others just on the front. He had them just on the front and you can see where the little nail is gone on his front left paw and it is cauterized. Dew Claws need to be removed within the first 3 days while they are still cartilage and not hardened into bone.
Socialization is of the utmost importance and I can not emphasize it enough. I start socialization early and it is a focal point of the pup’s development. It starts out with just close friends who my Siberians know. Everyone has their own uniqueness. The way they hold a dog, their smell, the rate and depth of their breathing and the myriad of things that makes them-them! The pup has to acclimate to this and realize, through multiple trials that human touch is wonderful and not something to be fearful of. That is learned through repetition at an early age. It is important for Quista, Ash and the others to feel comfortable as if they are not, this is felt by the pup. As you can see, Quista is close at hand, but just sitting there, not upset at all that her pup is getting some extra love. And so it begins with close friends and then the circle gets bigger as the pup ages and grows.
Today I am still working with the pup getting him to be more comfortable with him on his back. I think I have succeeded. His head is back, his forelegs are relaxed as are his hindlegs and his tail is down. To be honest, I think he is snoozing! This morning the dried cut umbilicus was there and this afternoon it was gone and you can see his belly button! A milestone in development. Will weigh tomorrow, but he is growing and has put on multiple ounces. Stay tuned!
Yes, growing by leaps and bounds! He was 1#3oz. at birth so he has gained 11 oz.! It is obvious this dairy bar is not closed due to COVID-19!😊 Mom is keeping close watch and seems to be bonding quite well. When I put the pup back with her I put him down quite a ways away and make him scoot over to her. I have to keep him scooting and beginning walking. Don’t want to make it too easy for him…Since he has no competition getting food too easily can be a problem.
My friend, Judy, came over today and more socialization went on. Socialize, socialize, socialize! It is my mantra with pups. Quista was just fine, watching on, but trusting that all would be well.
Oh my Goodness! What a mouth and what a yawn! Tired boy…needs to go back with mama for a drink and a snooze. Night Night, beautiful red boy. Sleep well.
Socialization always includes men as well as women and children. Have to get all ages and stages in there when the time is right. Here the pups meets my neighbor, Bruce who is around frequently and is a good friend. As you can see, the pup is already quite comfortable with him.
I don’t want to overload the pup, so do a visitor per day with lots of down time between them and even time with me. Mom is doing great with the visitors as the visitors are people she knows and trusts….a good way to start. Here is another close friend, Amy getting some puppy love.
Everyday, he gets time with me where we work on touch, relaxation (which I am positive he has a handle on! 🤣), nails, acceptance and other beginning activities. As you can see he will need another nail trim for his 1 week birthday tomorrow! When he sleeps, he twitches all the time. You can just see all those nerves, neurons, muscles, tendons and ligaments making connections in his little body. Fascinating to watch!
His last activity today was a nose to nose meet & greet with his dad. Ash is such a wonderful gentle Siberian and he was nice and calm meeting him. So special.
Here Ash is sniffing his little ear. Ash loves ears. He kisses Quista’s ears all the time. Just something he loves to do to show affection. No doubt he already loves his son. What a sweet photo!
The little red boy is “Bee”ing My Baby at 1 week old today. But he certainly is a big baby weighing in at 2#10 oz.! He pretty much walks quite a bit around the whelping box to get to mom now, still using his back legs to scoot a little bit. He had his second nail trim today. It was not quite as easy because he is a little more on the squirmier side, but still not too bad. It is all a process…and we carry on. Tomorrow, he will get out onto a blanket on the carpet so he can move out a tidge more.
Pink pads and white tipped tail picture is one of my very favorite photos! Just needed to share it with you from Nika.
As I told you, Nika love snuggling with his Snuggle puppy. The heartbeat must do the trick!
This is the first photo where I first see that Nika looks like a dog…not a little neonate puppy. Yes, he has started to grow up! It certainly happens fast! WOW!!
And, another sign of him growing up is that his nose is changing from the baby pink to the usual liver color of red Siberians. Every day from now one there will be changes and more changes coming his way!
Nika is coming up to his 2 week old birthday in just a few days and I wanted you to see how much he has grown in about 10 days! At his 2 week birthday, he has a vet check up with Quista and starts his worming program. I have registered the litter with the AKC and so he is on his way to becoming legal, too! He has also graduated from scooting to taking his first full steps which I will get on the website shortly!