Ash X Quista

Ch Amarok’s Inner Sanctum ~ “Ash” ~ WS 46344303
GCH Amarok’s Northern Sanctuary ~ “Quista” ~ WS 50486602
3 pups ~ due 1/6/2021!
Great blood flow to and from the heart. Looking good!
Here is Quista doing what she has been doing much of the time; resting. She has lost most of her tuck up (as you can easily see), so that means “growth”, which is a good thing.
The Whelping Box was set up this morning after the living room was rearranged. It will stay this way until the pups can get out of it. Then, the playpen will be set up in the back room to give them more room. The Snuggle Puppy has new batteries in its beating heart and is ready to go. There will be blankets and sheets up on the fencing when the pups are whelped to give Quista privacy, warmth and security for bonding with the pups. I am hoping for “Safe Landing” next week. Her x-ray is Saturday, January 2nd first thing in the morning.
The Whelping Box is now about 2/3 covered. The bottom has pads in it and towels, washcloths and additional pads are at the ready. Now just waiting and in “Puppy Watch” mode.
As you can see, most time dogs don’t really even look pregnant until their very last week of pregnancy. Here is Quista with only a few days to go. Her temperature has started to drop and can be variable the last several days, but that means it is getting close.
Now that the Whelping Box is covered and set up (water is in there, too), it has been opened up for her to explore. She went right in and is checking things out. I am sure she remembers it from her first singleton pup, Kaede. Lots of happy memories.
Quista has been in and out of it multiple times the last few days. She has also been drinking water from in the Whelping Box as well as from her crate. The other dogs are not allowed in, I only want her scent in there, as well as my own. But, instinctively, the other dogs just go to the door and peer in. Very smart-they are!
As you an clearly see Quista is just taking her good old time even though I have told her multiple times to “Get with the Program!” But, we are making progress. Her temp continues to drop, she has cleaned out her bowels and refused to eat at both meals today. You can also clearly see that she is dropping much of the fur on her belly. All of these are excellent progress signs. Today-1/6/2021- is exactly 63 days from her first breeding. 63 days from her second breeding will be on the 8th. Puppy watch continues!
Here is the x-ray which was taken 1/2/2021. As you can see (by counting skulls and spines) there are only 2 pups now. Quista absorbed one of the fetus’. This does happen in dogs and, though unfortunate, it just happens and you deal with it. I am pleased that we have 2 wonderful well developed pups that will be making their way into the world shortly. Hoping the lower pup gets turned around, but pups can come out breech, they just can’t be in the pelvic cavity as long as pups that comes out head first. However, it would very well be that he gets turned around just fine as there is a lot of room in there to maneuver with only the 2 pups.
Quista started heavy laboring 1/6 about 8 PM. By 10:30, with no pups making their appearance, I called my local vet and got some advice, which we followed. By 12:30 AM (1/7) with still no pups it was decided to take her to Buffalo to the large Emergency Vet Hospital, where it was shown the pups were in distress, so an immediate c-section was done. Very long story short, one did not survive. So with an extremely heavy heart the car drove home about 7 AM with only Quista and one red boy who looks remarkably like his dad, Ash. The other little Boy is flying high North of the Rainbow Bridge to his Granddad- Coop; Great Granddad- Benson; Uncles Kaho-Zandaar and Higgins~ His Aunts- Isis and Suka, T’Kaya and Reba. God Speed Little Man!
Not much description needed here!
Here is the little guy! He has no name yet, but fear not as one will be coming as soon as I get just a very few winks and can think just a smidge clearer! He looks amazingly like his dad did at this age. It will be terrific to watch him grow and see if he follows his path. Now, his dad has a BIG mouth and this guy has one, too! Quista is just starting to bond with him. Bonding takes longer as she had to have the section and due to anesthesia and being unconscious during the birth; it creates difficulties. However, I will get it done, but it takes days, sometimes.
Here is the very first photo of Ash meeting his son. Ash has an incredible temperament and that is one of the reasons I wanted to carry on his lineage. No dog (truly– NOTHING) is perfect, but when breeding you try to pick the best of each breeding pair so that hopefully their offspring will be just a tidge better than each parent. Just like you want your children to be just a little better off than you are when they are grown!
The red boy is BIG! He weighs in at 1#3 oz. at birth. That was just one of the problems with why Quista could not free whelp either him (or his brother, who was the same size). Quista is a small, petite bitch weighing in at just a scant 40#. Ash weighs about 48#. Siberians are moderate dogs built for endurance.
Quista is making strides with bonding. I am letting her have short periods alone with the little red boy and she is gentle with him. I won’t let them be together alone all night long for several nights yet. I need to be sure she has her full faculties back and the pup is safe with her. But, she has made good strides considering he is only 2 days old. He is nursing well gaining over 1.5# already, so it is good he has time away from her! But, he is a big mover heading all over the place, so that is good! He has become considerably less vocal in the last day and is now a much quieter pup, just yelling when his needs are not being met.
Just a great little head shot with him nuzzled in Quista’s fur.
Whenever I start out doing any close work with puppies, I always get them used to being on their back. The easiest way to do this is a nice relaxing chest rub. A dog’s submissive position is belly up, so pups need to learn early to feel comfortable on their back with me. They usually start out resisting, but I never let them win. They settle out with time, a soothing voice and a gently slow chest rub. They realize this is not so bad.
Since, today’s activity of choice is trimming nails, I start out with massaging each paw, slowly and gently. Your pup needs to feel comfortable having ALL parts of his/her body touched by you. {You will see this activity addressed in following days, but I don’t try to do it all in one day. He is, after all, only 2 days old.} After I have done this to all 4 pads a few times each, I get the nail trimmers.
As you can see, I use just regular human nail clips initially as puppy nails are so teeny tiny and you just want to take off the very tip of these extremely sharp nails, esp. for a Siberian like Quista, who has a large abdominal incision. I just take the end hook off each one. Yesterday, the little red boy had his dew claws removed. Some dogs have them on the front and back, others just on the front. He had them just on the front and you can see where the little nail is gone on his front left paw and it is cauterized. Dew Claws need to be removed within the first 3 days while they are still cartilage and not hardened into bone.
Socialization is of the utmost importance and I can not emphasize it enough. I start socialization early and it is a focal point of the pup’s development. It starts out with just close friends who my Siberians know. Everyone has their own uniqueness. The way they hold a dog, their smell, the rate and depth of their breathing and the myriad of things that makes them-them! The pup has to acclimate to this and realize, through multiple trials that human touch is wonderful and not something to be fearful of. That is learned through repetition at an early age. It is important for Quista, Ash and the others to feel comfortable as if they are not, this is felt by the pup. As you can see, Quista is close at hand, but just sitting there, not upset at all that her pup is getting some extra love. And so it begins with close friends and then the circle gets bigger as the pup ages and grows.
Today I am still working with the pup getting him to be more comfortable with him on his back. I think I have succeeded. His head is back, his forelegs are relaxed as are his hindlegs and his tail is down. To be honest, I think he is snoozing! This morning the dried cut umbilicus was there and this afternoon it was gone and you can see his belly button! A milestone in development. Will weigh tomorrow, but he is growing and has put on multiple ounces. Stay tuned!
Yes, growing by leaps and bounds! He was 1#3oz. at birth so he has gained 11 oz.! It is obvious this dairy bar is not closed due to COVID-19!😊 Mom is keeping close watch and seems to be bonding quite well. When I put the pup back with her I put him down quite a ways away and make him scoot over to her. I have to keep him scooting and beginning walking. Don’t want to make it too easy for him…Since he has no competition getting food too easily can be a problem.
My friend, Judy, came over today and more socialization went on. Socialize, socialize, socialize! It is my mantra with pups. Quista was just fine, watching on, but trusting that all would be well.
Oh my Goodness! What a mouth and what a yawn! Tired boy…needs to go back with mama for a drink and a snooze. Night Night, beautiful red boy. Sleep well.
Socialization always includes men as well as women and children. Have to get all ages and stages in there when the time is right. Here the pups meets my neighbor, Bruce who is around frequently and is a good friend. As you can see, the pup is already quite comfortable with him.
I don’t want to overload the pup, so do a visitor per day with lots of down time between them and even time with me. Mom is doing great with the visitors as the visitors are people she knows and trusts….a good way to start. Here is another close friend, Amy getting some puppy love.
Everyday, he gets time with me where we work on touch, relaxation (which I am positive he has a handle on! 🤣), nails, acceptance and other beginning activities. As you can see he will need another nail trim for his 1 week birthday tomorrow! When he sleeps, he twitches all the time. You can just see all those nerves, neurons, muscles, tendons and ligaments making connections in his little body. Fascinating to watch!
His last activity today was a nose to nose meet & greet with his dad. Ash is such a wonderful gentle Siberian and he was nice and calm meeting him. So special.
Here Ash is sniffing his little ear. Ash loves ears. He kisses Quista’s ears all the time. Just something he loves to do to show affection. No doubt he already loves his son. What a sweet photo!
The little red boy is “Bee”ing My Baby at 1 week old today. But he certainly is a big baby weighing in at 2#10 oz.! He pretty much walks quite a bit around the whelping box to get to mom now, still using his back legs to scoot a little bit. He had his second nail trim today. It was not quite as easy because he is a little more on the squirmier side, but still not too bad. It is all a process…and we carry on. Tomorrow, he will get out onto a blanket on the carpet so he can move out a tidge more.
Pink pads and white tipped tail picture is one of my very favorite photos! Just needed to share it with you from Nika.
As I told you, Nika love snuggling with his Snuggle puppy. The heartbeat must do the trick!
This is the first photo where I first see that Nika looks like a dog…not a little neonate puppy. Yes, he has started to grow up! It certainly happens fast! WOW!!
And, another sign of him growing up is that his nose is changing from the baby pink to the usual liver color of red Siberians. Every day from now one there will be changes and more changes coming his way!
Nika is coming up to his 2 week old birthday in just a few days and I wanted you to see how much he has grown in about 10 days! At his 2 week birthday, he has a vet check up with Quista and starts his worming program. I have registered the litter with the AKC and so he is on his way to becoming legal, too! He has also graduated from scooting to taking his first full steps which I will get on the website shortly!
As you can see socialization continues! Here a good friend and fellow Fireman stopped by to help me with some electrical and plumbing work, and he got some puppy Nika time, too. It helps that he and his wife, Kathy are big dog lovers and share their home with them, as well. Dan and Kathy are also part of the Inner Circle, so they come along on this journey.
Q and Nika went to the vet for their 2 week check up today. I am letting them rest up now and will take his 2 week photo tomorrow. He just topped 4# today at 4#0.5 oz. Dr. Bache says he is one big strong healthy boy. He definitely feels 1 testicle and possibly two. Still working on the video of him walking, but the site is not cooperating. Stand by, I am actively working on it!
The 2 week surprise is a peek-a boo! Eyes are open this morning and they look like they will be dark, like his folks…hard to tell if they will be ending up amber like dad or the very deep brown like mom. Time will tell and we will be watching.
At Nika’s 2 week vet visit he broke the 4# limit weighing in at 4# 0.5 oz. Dr. Bache says he is one big healthy boy! He started his worming regimen, too. I have even seen him starting to chew on his favorite snuggle puppy. Puppyhood has begun and so will clicker training.
When I saw this pic that Bruce took yesterday, I laughed out loud and just had to share it with you all! IDK if Siberians have tonsils or not, but if they do, you would get a terrific view of them! Nika’s ears opened yesterday and it is fun seeing him turn to orient to sound now. Starting the 7 by 7 today, which means that he will be walking on 7 different surfaces by 7 weeks old. So far, 1-blankets (cloth) and 2- rugs (regular and hard rippled). Every time I pick him up, he gets a “click” and big warm hugs and loving.

Even though the above video is labeled “Nika Come”, it was really his first success at “Following”, which is where I usually start. Once he starts walking, I call him and have him follow my footsteps as a backup a little. Once he has followed me just a bit, I picked him up, gave big hugs and a click for a job well done. Baby steps forward.

Little Nika, my All American Siberian. Not even 3 weeks old today and he weighs in at just a smidge over 5#.
Even when I get up before the crack of dawn, Q. gets breakfast & some outside time. Nika has a drink at the milk bar and then back to bed for them. They are no dummies! Me, I am off to the laundry, coffee and getting my day started. It IS a dog’s life.
As you can see, socialization continues with an ever widening group of friends now that he is over 2 weeks of age. Nika was really quite a good host, but this was closer to the end of the visit and he was getting pretty tired. Quista has been wonderful with our visitors and does not have a problem with friends handling Nika.
Don’t want to forget the kids, too. Pups are a clean slate and if not exposed they will have no frame of reference as they age.
Nika is, of course, still in the whelping box with mom, but sleeps often times away from her. Now that he is developing more of a coat, it gets pretty warm right next to her. When first born he was unable to regulate his own temperature. Now he is all set with that!
Yikes! 3 weeks old already and my-oh-my how the time has flown by! Nika looks like a little miniature Siberian Husky already instead of a guinea pig! His coat is coming in beautifully and his nose is almost fully pigmented red. I chose this 3 week photo (even though he is snoozing) as it shows his full length. His back legs are fully extended which is an excellent position. I am just starting to do some confidence building exercises with him and he is coming along quite well. Weight today is 5# 11.5 oz.
Nika is having a busy day. Getting out more and having more interaction with his dad, Ash. Ash really wants to play with him and I need to remind him to be gentle. Ash does like to follow him around and smell where he has walked. This is all part of getting to know his son.
Nika is not shy about going up to others, human or dog and checking them out. Nice to see at this age. He comes to me regularly when I call his name now.
Just a funny pic of Ash giving Nika the “Side-eye”, wondering what which way the little guy will be heading off to next!
Socialize, socialize, socialize. Nary a day goes by without some socialization happening. And today he also got a nail trim. Front feet needed it a little more, but they usually do.
Nika had such a busy day with so many visitors that he had to catch a few catnaps when he could. Smart young man! But he did show off his new found skills getting off the adult dog bed that is shown several slides above. He is champ at it now and gets off of it in a split second!
Even with all the visitors, there was a few minutes for some playtime with mom. One of the first “games” pups play is “I got your nose.” Here he is playing it with Quista.
After playtime, this adorable pic was snapped of Q. and Nika. My dogs get used to LOTS of photos as many are taken during their lifetime. So, Nika better get used to it early on-
Another milestone reached. Milk teeth are beginning to make their appearance. This is the very beginning of weaning. As they get longer and sharper, mom is less likely to want to nurse and she just normally begins to wean the pups herself. As this natural process happens, I begin gruel at about 4 weeks of age.
Our guests are getting ready to leave and this young guy has just about had it. But, I thank you all for the wonderful day and I will have sweet dreams tonight.
Yes, I am dog-gone-tired and soon will be crawling into my whelping box (which I CAN do) for a nice snooze next to mom.
Nika is still working on his 7 by 7 goals. He is now working on linoleum. I start him on small areas between carpet and he is doing it just fine. The linoleum area will become larger as he builds up his confidence. As I stated above, these are confidence builders; done as building blocks for his continued development into becoming a confident and well socialized Siberian Husky puppy.
Nika is just having his first taste of water. He gets it in a small bowl that mom also drinks out of as well (her large bowl is in the whelping box, too but she is a dog after all!). He still prefers milk, but day after day, he will go back and drink more and more.
After a bit, he even went up and took a drink himself. It is all part of the process. He is curious and interested. More of what I like to see as a breeder…
Just a close up head shot of fuzzy face Nika. When he is on his back being cradled in my arms like this, he thinks it is fun to wave with his front feet or give a chew on his paw. Like all babies, human or animal, everything goes in their mouth at this age!
This is a good shot as it gives you an idea how big Nika is in relation to Q. Easy to get a quick drink while she is busy, but for a long slug, it is just better for her to sit or lay down.
Still more visitors! But, every visitor always says “hello” to Quista first and makes sure they spend a few minutes with her. Then it is all well and good to go and see Nika. Protocol, of course!
Everyday, Nika spends some time out in the living room walking around and exploring. He is not always with Quista. Many times he is just all by himself, checking out under chairs, under tables, by the toy boxes or humidifiers or even in the kitchen. Great news is that Q. always knows where he is!
It is quite obvious when he is done exploring. He usually tries to go back to nursing, lays down or (more often or not) heads back into his whelping box. I do have to remember that he is still quite the baby. He is starting to howl and I will try to get that on video! He does have an excellent set of lungs for a youngin’!
Holy Cow! 4 weeks old today. Saying the time is flying is an understatement. He got his first puppy bone today and is getting use to the smell and hardness of it, but he does like the blanket better, at this point. That will change though! Mom does LOVE it, so I can’t leave it in the whelping box without supervision.
Nika is just a hair under 7#. Still growing and growing. So he gets delicious banana flavored wormer for the second time today. It took a minute and…
…by George, it is delicious! MMM! Even Quista licked his lips when he got back in the whelping box.
Another milestone within the last few days…Nika can look out over the low gate and NOW the high gate. Pretty soon I will have to put the 2 together to make it equal to the 4 sides of the whelping box. Pretty soon he will need the new extended playpen. UH-OH, growing up and getting in mischief!
Here is Nika playing with all his new toys from his Aunt. It was like Christmas in February! And they ALL can fit in his mouth. Wonder of Wonders!
And when you are all tuckered out from playing, your new pile of toys makes an incredibly soft bed. Night, Night; nap time.
Ears! Ears! Oi Vey! They are up; They are down; One is up; One is down; One is part way up; One is up in the morning and down in the afternoon! We just need to give this baby time to grow up and develop his muscles. Time is the answer. Nothing happens overnight. He will be what he will be.
Last night, Nika was out playing while I was watching the tube and shortly it was all quiet. I looked down and he was laying at my feet, snoozing on my Siberian blanket over my legs. Had to get this pic. So cute!
For the last several day, Nika has been getting used to the grooming table and the brush. Sometimes Q. and sometimes A. jumps up there with him, too and he gets to see them get a few sweeps of the brush as well. Gotta start them out early so they know there is nothing to fear and that grooming is to be expected and they are expected to behave. Keep training sessions short and end on a positive note.
And more socialization! Here he is with another wonderful neighbor. As I said, he needs to get used to all ages, stages, genders, sexes…everyone! His clean slate is being written on every day and I want the things that are written on it to be right. It is a process I take day by day.
Happy 5 weeks old today and instead of a birthday cake you get birthday dog food! YUMMO! Nika likes it! He weighs in at 8#2 oz. today. He will start getting dog food once a day for the next week and then will start getting it twice daily, just like mom and dad. Nika has spent some time on ceramic tile this week, so that makes him being on 5/7 of his 7/7. He is doing great at going from surface to surface without difficulty.
He can’t have a big birthday without gifts and now that he is more mobile (and can’t go outside, unfortunately), he has gotten an indoor picnic table! On this he can learn to jump, climb on, go under and around–just like his folks do on the real one outside. He also got a few new toys. Lucky boy!
Nika has become very much more mobile and playful in the last week or so. He plays with mom multiple times daily. I hear lots of play growls coming out of Nika as he learns what it is to be a puppy and play. Siberians play rough and Q. certainly knows how to play with with this little guy. Ash wants to play with him, but still is too big for that. Nika is allowed to explore the house supervised by me. He has been in the Living room, Kitchen, Mudroom and Bedroom checking out the different scents and visuals. But, he spends the majority of his time in the whelping box with his toys and mom at this point.
Here is the “fam-damily”. Quista is losing her coat, which is natural, post whelp. That is why she is starting to look so thin, but she is just fine!
Nika is really starting to like the raised bed. I often find him up here with one of his favorite toys just relaxing. But then isn’t that what we all like to do on occasion?
See? Didn’t take him long to go from relaxing to zzzzz~~~
He just finished his lunch today and got nice pic of his happy food face! He licks his bowl clean, but mom comes in just to make sure. I got his picture before mom cleans him up well.
Our good friend, Jackie, came back to visit and give him a new puppy toy. It is always wonderful to have new and old friends revisit. With the pandemic, visits are fewer than they have been with past litters. It is a special treat when they arrive so we make good use of the time.
I start getting pups used to the vacuum right from the start. They hear it going several times a week (many times daily with Siberians, as you many well know!), and I do not shy away from vacuuming near the whelping box. I never, however, vacuum towards the dogs and always vacuum away from them- with my back to them. Therefore, I never look at them when I vacuum. I never use the vacuum as a “play toy”. It is just part of their life and something that happens and they need to adjust to it.
If a dog scoots away from me while vacuuming, I just ignore that as this is something that needs to be done. They learn that it is a noise that will not hurt them and they should ignore it, too. I do keep my vacuum out all the time for 2 reasons. 1- it gets used a lot! and 2- the dogs get used to seeing it as part of their environment. In this regard, I guess the people need to adjust!
After playtime, it is always time to rest…and as many of us know, when the kids rest, we rest!
Nika has a beautiful face and wonderful headset, imho. Here is his profile. It looks just like Quista’s, at her age.
I just LOVE genetics. Here is Nika sleeping like his mom, dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Careful breeding can see good traits carry on throughout generations.
And at just a day before his 6 week old birthday, that little ear decided to perk right up! Hello ears!! Glad you are both here! They have a cute little twist of red hair on the tip of each one. I don’t know if you can see them in this picture or not, but they are there. I will try and get a close up in another shot.
Today, 2/18, is Nika’s 6 week birthday. He weighs 9# 9 oz. and he just got wormed for the second time. It is a big day for him with lots of activity, so there are several photos following. He had his first car ride when he was not in a basket, but in a real crate! He did fabulously. No vomiting and was remarkably quiet, on both ends of the car ride. He will be in the same crate with Quista for quite a while. We are on our way to a store where he will get a chance to walk around on a leash. Yesterday was his first day with a collar on. 6 weeks is kind of when I say pups go from “diapers to pull-ups”, even though it has nothing to do with toilet training. He is WAY to young for success at that, although we are planting the seeds now.
Here we are at Tractor Supply and, as you can see, he is a little tentative. But, standing and looking around and not hugging Quista or my feet. He is just getting a read on the place and checking things out. I have the leash loose and am just letting him just take his time.
Shortly, he started exploring and it didn’t take him long to find the dog food! Surprised? I guided him at times, but also let him explore himself. We went up and down just a few aisles…
…but his nose seemed to bring him back here.
After some socialization time with the folks who worked there, we made our way outside and Nika had his first encounter with cement/asphalt. It is the first time his pads have been on anything cold and it didn’t seem to phase him. He spent most of his time walking around and smelling as I am sure it smelled like nothing he had ever smelled before! So, now he has been on 6/7 by 7 by 7 and he is doing great. Not fearful at all.
On the way back to the car, we passed a bunch of snow, so I decided to take advantage and finish of the 7 by 7 challenge. He just plodded right in, stuck his nose right in and did just fine. Took to it as if he was born right into it! (LOL) You can see all his little puppy prints from checking it all out. But, there was even better news!! See below!
He peed! His first outside pee and it was in the snow! He never peed in the store, either. He is such a good boy. All in all, he has had < 5 accidents in the house (outside of the whelping box), but I watch him pretty closely, so that is pretty good. I use the words “Go Pee” when he pees and I catch him and I also use the clicker, so he knows he is peeing in the right spot and to the right signal. As I said prior….just planting the seeds.
For all his hard work, he got a new toy. Good Nika. Rest easy, you deserve it.
Nika has gotten his “sit for food” down pat! It took several days, but now he sits as soon as he sees the bowl. He also knows the clicker and knows right where it hangs. It doesn’t take long for a pup to get the association to the sound and knowing it means “a good thing”.
Here is just a little sneak peek of (perhaps) the Christmas card that I will be doing for this years edition. There were plenty taken and I am still going through them all, but this is a contender. IDK what the wording will be yet. That takes a long time to figure out as I need to get it just right. I try to get it in to the printer in Texas by August or there abouts.
Nika is starting to spend a little time out in the snow. Right here he is in the back yard with Ash and Quista giving me his cute face.
I am giving him short periods of time outside so he can get used to the cold weather and the snow. He gets about 5 minutes at a crack followed by long periods inside where he rests, plays inside and just hangs outs.
Nika has love digging in the snow and has shown no problem going in deep snow. You can see he is Siberian through and through. He sleeps hard, scraps hard and plays hard, even at this tender age.
I call this “”! As you can see he is making progress laying down a foundation for toilet training with his first poo outside! I have set up a little cord at the back door so I can let him outside several times a day just for a “short” to pee and poo to carry on. Will see where it goes. He has a “big” day tomorrow. Another milestone is coming…better rest up tonight.
Nika is starting crate training! I start by feeding him in his crate, rather than in the whelping box. I want him to start associating the crate with good things, and we all know that food is a good thing. After he eats, I have him stay in the crate for a bit. I will have him do this for several days before I have him sleep in it overnight. I would like him to take naps in it first.
His crate is right in my bedroom with all the other dogs’ crates. He is right next to Quista. This is where her crate always is and this is her usual crate. Ash and Majic are not far away, but out of camera range. Nika can see Ash easily, but it is harder to see Majic as Quista’s crate obscures it. Both Quista and Nika appear to be looking at Ash in this photo.
Nika’s newest and most favorite toys are empty water bottles. Guess he loves the crackles! Actually Majic loves them, too, and he always picks up an ughy disgusting bottle on the road when we walk and carries it the entire way. Dogs, huh?
This nice peaceful pic of Nika napping took quite a while and much tough love from yours truly. But initial crate training can be a tidge difficult. So, after several nice meals in his crate, it was time for him to take his first nap in the crate and that was today. Quista and Ash are in their crates and are nice and quiet, so he can see how they behave, but that does not mean he will do the same at his age. (They certainly did not.) He absolutely did not want to nap, but once I had committed to it, I could not give in. If I did, it would be much worse tomorrow. So, I just waited it out in another room. After about an hour +, he finally quit (and if I didn’t tell you before, he has his dad’s Siberian Scream!- ahhh, genetics!). When he was quiet and quiet for several minutes, I went in and snapped this photo. Then, I woke him up, got him out of the crate and told him what a spectacular, courageous boy he was by taking a nap all by himself in his crate! I expect the same behavior tomorrow, but hopefully, every day the temper tantrum will be shorter and shorter. Everything is a process~
7 weeks old today and for his birthday he went to Petsmart! He got to check out all the toys, smell some great new smells and learn about automatic sliding doors! He also met many new folks which is always the very BEST thing. He did get some nice compliments on his looks, so will need to keep that grooming up when muddy spring comes and it is around the corner! Nika continues to work on his walking with a leash and is doing well. I am proud of this little boy for 7 weeks.
After lunch, it was time for his nap. It is just one day after yesterday and you know what happened yesterday. So, I had girded my loins for today! But, we had a Siberian Miracle! When he was done with lunch he laid down and went to sleep. Not a peep-not a single peep came out of this little boy for an hour! I was dumbfounded! I finally went in and got him up and again praised the heck out of him and told him what a spectacular boy he was for taking such a good nap. Then outside he went with his folks. What a grand day he had. His weight today, on his 7 week old birthday is 11# 11 oz.
Have any idea what is on the docket for his 8th week of life on this planet?
Nika has been on the grooming table many times and absolutely knows it is a wonderful place to be. He has actually tried jumping up on it, but I have been unable to capture it on video. But, every time his folks are on it, he is not far behind and ready for an “UP, up, up!”
Everyday, he does something new. Here he has learned the joy of chomping ice. It usually just sits in his water bowl to keep the water cold. But he has learned, all on his own, to get it out, take it to a favored spot and chomp away.
On an exceptionally busy day with multiple visitors and house repairmen putting in new windows, all 3 decided just to flop down and catch a few zzz’s in amongst the hustle and bustle.
Like father, like son.
It was a great morning to give Quista a bath to really ramp up getting her dead hair out, so I decided to go ahead and get it done. Nika, the ever helpful pup, decided to watch and “assist”, thinking I was not capable. Half way through, he jumped in the tub with Q. And, no matter how many times I got him out, he turned right around and jumped right back in. It was HILARIOUS and almost could not finish her bath in between the belly laughs. He was just a stitch! And, I did not bath him, just trying to get Q. done. Finally, he jumped out and I thought GOOD! I can get her finished…but—
…he only jumped out to pee on the bathroom carpet and then jumped right back in the tub with Q! I told him, in between my belly laughs he should have just peed in the tub…it has a drain! Now, I have to do another load of laundry! Thanks a lot, Nika!! So here are a few snaps of him with his coat before I got him on the grooming table and dried off. If this is a precursor, I just can hardly wait until I give HIM a bath. Should be interesting…AHHH, puppies, gotta laugh!
This morning he had his first experience in the car wash. I like to do this with his folks so he can see it is no big deal with all the noise and equipment going around the car. If he sees his folks and I am not very concerned about it, he also will not be. It is also the forbearer of things to come as he gets his first bath this afternoon. Scrubbing bubbles all around! As a side note, with the warm weather hitting us, snow is disappearing and he is having his first touch of grass. So another texture he has under his belt! And by tomorrow he will have another- mud! UGH, the bain of all dog lover’s existence!
This is a nice video showing why it is so important for young pups not to be taken too young from their folks, or at least not their moms. Here Ash has one of the communal chews and Nika thinks he should have it. He gets a quick lesson from dad that he can have it when dad is done. Lesson learned- he gets another toy.
First baths are always done here at Amarok as I want to control them and make sure no water gets in their ears. With open and erect ears, if water goes down it is easy to get infections. So, it is a nice warm and comfy first bath concentrating on everything but the head. I can get that with just a washcloth and some waterless shampoo. Depending on the time of year, it may be done outside in my dog bath, but this year…it was the bathtub (which Nika loves!♥️).
So here is the second half of scrubbing bubbles, as I say. There are always interruptions, but baths just go on! Nika has done exceptionally well. After several baths, my adult dogs learn to shake in the tub when I hold the towel up to shield myself from the water onslaught! But that is advanced learning…Generally, pet dogs do not need frequent bathing- just frequent brushing. Show dogs are a whole different story.
Nika is very comfortable on the grooming table now and here he is towel dried from the tub. The blow dryer is on a very low setting and he is just getting used to it…kind of a drying and blowing playtime.
He is all dry now and just needs to be fluffed with the brush. When I take the noose off to do his neck, I make sure to hold him as he might just try to take a flying leap off the table and that would not be good.
I also get all the Siberians used to the vacuum. This is especially helpful during their spring shed when the fur is really flying! When you start be sure to have the vacuum on its lowest setting-ie. for curtains. Also, probably no need to say, but do not vacuum sensitive areas- feathers, head, ears, face, etc. Nika has seen me vacuum his mom and dad lots of times and takes it right in stride.
This video was shot the day before Nika said tootles to his first home and howdy to his forever home. It is a fun time with friends Jackie and Bruce and one of his favorite toys…the floppy fox on the whip. But, it is also his dad’s favorite toy. As I have said, he is his dad’s son!
Saturday morning we had quite a gathering for several hours for a little “Bon Voyage” party for my green eyed baby boy. There were about 6 folks there to not only say “Bye-Bye” but “Welcome Home”! We had snacks, played with Siberians, chatted, went for a nice walk, talked about Husky tips and just got plain tired out after several hours! And believe me, Nika was one plain plum tired out boy when he took off with his new mom dad and grandma.
My last favorite headshot of Nika, my beautiful green eyed baby boy. Love you.
Here is Nika in his new home on his new bed and settling in. He is adjusting and doing well. I have already had contact with the new owners and things are coming along just fine. So, here ends this story of Nika as far as this website goes. Thank you so much for joining me in this wonderful journey. I can only hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.