Trivalent’s Isis

Trivalent’s Isis

Owned by BJ Swansfeger / Amarok Siberians
Bred and Co-owned by Mickie Punnett / Trivalent Siberians

Isis ~ the sibe with the heart on her heart!

Icy was born with a heart on her heart-a perfectly shaped heart of black fur directly above her beating heart. She was always called the “pippy puppy” by Mickie, but we had high hopes she’d become a Goddess, therefore, the name “Isis”. She came to me just a yelling- you could hear her across the yard, across the show grounds, sometimes, I swear you could hear her around the world. She was just begging, sometimes demanding, to be noticed!

Fondly called Icy, Icy Spicy or Ice Face, she came exceptionally close to finishing her AKC championship. If things turned out differently, she would have made it-no doubt she was absolutely worthy. I also called Icy “My Little Tube Sock”. Every time she blew coat, it peeled off her as I have seen with no other Sibe. It was like me shedding my mom’s fur coat after a long night. It just fell off her in one fell swoop to the ground, and I was left with my very naked little girl who looked surprising like a black nylon tube sock with legs, tail and a head sticking out. But it always came back just as luxurious and beautiful as before.

It occurred to me that she might have been part fish. Isis could never get enough of the water: swimming in it, sticking her whole head under it, licking dry the left over shower water in the tub and even filling up her own swimming pool with the hose. You name it, if it had anything to do with water, she LOVED it.


Icy also loved people and people were enraptured by her-from those big baby blues to her endearing antics. There are too many for here, but once, she and Kaho even took off with the dogsled-sans me! I got some exercise and a good shot of adrenaline that day! And then there was the breed ring, when the judge had a little discussion with me about my girl, Isis. I am so blessed to look back through the tears with smiles, and sometimes, downright belly laughs!

During her last weekend her 4 legged family watched, held quiet vigil during the day and howling vigil at night and are still in sadness, but time does heal for people and dogs alike. Bad memories never disappear, but are pushed to the back and good memories come to the forefront. There is restructuring of this pack and I am seeing things get back. They do get back. They’re not the same (never the same), but they do get back in the new order. They have to or we couldn’t go on for those who are left behind and need us (and we need them as well). It is true that life is not fair. It is true that bad things happen to good creatures. It is true that I don’t know why she was taken so early. But she was and I have no choice but to deal with that truth.

Isis did become my Goddess and is now with Akei, Cooper and others gone before that I loved as well, all awaiting me at and North of the Rainbow Bridge.

Feel free to peruse these pics of Isis and check out my short video clip of her filling her own swimming pool. Also,there are many more pics of Icy from the time I got her (inc. the heart on her heart-page 1) in the Photo Gallery.

Hug your Sibes and 4 legged friends. Give them back some of that unconditional love that is always there for you. It will be good for both of you. Thank you for visiting.

God Speed, Icy and sent with love…