Nick X Quista

Here is Kaede having quite the chat with me while drying him off after his bath. What was he saying? Who knows, but he was certainly trying to get his point across! He is a hoot!
Here is Kaede (9 weeks) with Haven (his “Aunt”- out of Benson X Kayta), playing in the pool on this hot July Day.
Kaede is having some fun playtime with Quista. They play gently, which is unusual. Siberians usually play pretty roughly. If he had littermates to play with it would be a different story.
Kaede is starting outside training. Here our friend, Jackie sets him off and he gets called to come to Mom. Steps are no problem. 6 weeks old.
No more gruel for this guy! He wants and is ready for the real thing…gotta use those teeth for their true purpose!
Kaede is starting his clicker training now, between 2 and 3 weeks.
Kaede’s 1 month birthday meal is pureed 32% Annamaet. It is his first solid food.
After a few loops, look where he went!