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Sakari's Journey

Sakari’s Journey

Sakari was born just about a year ago & I had high hopes for her; an AKC Championship & motherhood like her parents & grandparents. She was well on her way with AKC points but started having some accidents in the ring & 2 very bad bladder infections. So, I looked into this & our journey began.

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Amarok Siberians is a small kennel dedicated to the preservation of purebred Siberians located in Western New York.  Amarok has loved, owned and

Quista is now the Matriarch of Amarok Siberians. GCH Amarok’s Northern Sanctuary~WS 50486602

bred quality Siberians for more than 30 years. It is owned and operated by BJ Swansfeger.  I am guided by the principals of the Siberian Husky Club of American, the AKC and several other local dog clubs of which I am a member.  

The Siberians that are shown and bred are all genetically health tested, as per the SHCA, for eyes and hips through the OFA.  These tests are always made available.  They are also on Pawvillage, where many of my dogs’ records are also online.

The breeding program here is small, with a litter every year or two.  The pups are born and raised here, in my home.  They have exposure to multiple close friends and associates from the time they are only a few days old.  The pups are socialized in all ways, means and manners.  There is a link to each litter that I keep updated daily with their progress so you can follow their development and gains.   My goal is for each pup to be well, happy, healthy and a great functioning member of society, whether going into a loving family as a pet or into a loving family as a show prospect!

Above, I have reorganized the menu line with sub-menus that you can see them when you do a roll over.  You will also find a link to Soft Siberians and a link to the page on Cushing’s Disease  on the Siberian Information page.   If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email (akei1@netsync.net) or phone (716-672-6155).  We can also set up a visit.

IMPORTANT! Text and images on this website are exclusively owned by Amarok Siberians (BJ Swansfeger) and are not for use or reproduction without explicit written permission of the owner.

Click the play button below to hear a Siberian Husky Howling!

Click the play button below to hear a Siberian Death Scream!

This is Ash when he gets very (VERY) excited.  He has done it from when he was a very young puppy.  The Siberian “Death” Scream is a term that is in the vocabulary of Siberian folks for this type of vocalization the Siberians have.  It is not pleasant, as the howl is.  I have found, however, that with positive training I have been able to help Ash learn to control this as is evidenced at the end of this clip.  And, yes, I have found it to be genetically linked, as are so many traits. 

The Amarok Siberian Family

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Benson & Kayta’s Smileboxes!

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