Ash x Quista II

Ch. Amarok’s Inner Sanctum ~ “Ash”
GCH Amarok’s Northern Sanctuary ~ “Quista” ~
Early sonogram with the “black hole”, when we knew we had life!
…heartbeat and blood flow! Success! But a very long way to go~
The whelping box was set up and everyone got used to it. It was easy peasy as all had seen it many times before. No biggie for them, but lots of furniture moving to get the living room and second bedroom rearranged AGAIN!
A later sonogram (on a different type of sonogram ) show the jawbones and muzzle of one of the 3 pups.
Here you are looking down at the top of the head and some of the vertebrae of a pup.
The ribcage shows up well. You can even count them!
I don’t have to tell you about this. S/He is practicing nursing or yelling. IDK which! 🤔
Getting close to delivery…there is the spinal cord!
The kidneys are the last to develop and you want to see the cortex in the kidneys developed. Then it is a “go!” The pups are ready. Just waiting for her Progesterone to be down close to a 2.
Quista is more than ready!
I really was not expecting Saturday the 11th, but her Progesterone took a rapid drop to 2.3 and as you know the pups were more than ready, so they landed. One girl had a severe cleft palate and was not revived. But, the glass is truly half full with 2 big healthy baby girls. Several hours later, Q, A and the 2 pups and I were on our way home.
With a c-section, it takes a bit of work to get things in sync with the pups and mom due to sedation and latching….many times days. So, the pups need to be tube fed, helped with excretion and getting everything working properly between mom and pups. We are in this stage now, but making good progress.
Both gals are red (there is no such thing as a brown Siberian!). The light red gal will look like papa Ash (on the left). The liver red gal will look like the color of Kaho (on the right). You can always tell a red Siberian as they have liver red “points”- noses and mucus membranes (around eyes, mouth and buttholes). Black and grey Siberians have black “points”.
But, as u can see, they are finally latched. But I am in there all the time when the pups are there at this point. Soon, she will be taking over completely. But, it is a process.

Here’s the liver red girl, un-named as of today, but that will come shortly. Priorities first! Actually today we started the very beginnings of nail clipping, which is getting used to having their paws handled…along with the rest of their little body. At 1 day she weighs 13 oz.
And here is the light red girl. Their markings may change somewhat as they grow and develop, but stay mainly similar. There are many markings that are allowed in Siberians and many that are not allowed according to the Standard! She is 12 oz. Both a down just a bit from their birth weight, but that is normal and will go up quickly.
Now, dewclaws are off. These girls only have front dewclaws, so they are now gone. They need to be taken off within a few days before they calcify. The pink bandages come off quickly, as you can see! Not even a whimper from them.
And Q. has settled in beautifully. Now home from the vet. No muzzle, no me and just nursing quietly, cleaning them up and doing things just as if nothing had happened the last few days… I can rest easier tonight.
Quista had the girls all night by herself with no issue. We are over the hump! Both girls weight wise are up 1.5 oz. @ this morning and I expect them to be = to or over their birthweight by tomorrow. Today they will get their first nail trim, body rub down and start socialization. It’s all good.
Toenails were done, if they needed it. Everyone got a nice foot massage first. Just the very tips were taken off as I didn’t want to nip the quick. They will get done at least weekly, maybe more depending on how fast they grow.
A daily massage is a must. The pups need to know that they can be touched everywhere (and I mean everywhere!). This is necessary for grooming, vet appointments and socialization. Start early and they will take it with them their whole life.
UH! no umbilicus~ her belly button has appeared. A first for the red gal. The other one on the liver sister will be gone by tomorrow! There are innumerable firsts happening right before our eyes…just need to be open and watch for them.
Ash has met his daughters a few times now. He is very gentle with them. He sniffs their noses, ears and also checks out their hind ends. Note his relaxed expression and ears. He is calm and interested. He also takes his cues from me and knows it is just fine. They are family.
The liver gal is over her birthweight and is now 1#1.5 oz. She is eating like a little “Siberian Sumo”…eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Getting a little pudge belly!
~and her red sister is also over her birthweight today! 1#.5 oz and also is a little pudge. So tomorrow starts a new game…All dogs love to play games and we start early! “Let’s go find Mommy!” The kids need to travel a bit to find Q. No more help from me. The need to use their legs and noses when placed a piece away from her. The reward…You guessed it! Yummy milk! My dogs work for everything (NILIF)~ need to start them early.
A nice head shot of the light red gal.
~and of the liver red gal.
Now, a nose is NOT a nipple! lol!
This is a good stretch with the back legs all the way out.
Time to start major socialization with new people. My friend, Jill, stopped by several times so the pups can get used to new touches, scents and friends.
When you stroke their cheeks, they yawn. So very cute!!
1 week old already! Sakari (light red) means “Sweetness” and weighs in at 1# 10 oz. Atiq (pro. a-teek) means “mama bear”) also weighs the same…1# 10 oz. I have decided on their Registered Names but am saving those…
I call this “legs”. I think you can figure out why…
Socialize, Socialize, Socialize! It happens everyday now.
Men, women, old, young and will even get some kids shortly. I start with folks in the inner circle and work out. Pups need to get used to them all. Everyone has different scents and different ways of handling them. And it is all good.
And here is the first one now that I am starting to expand my circle outwards slowly and carefully.
When Siberians (and dogs in general) sleep they like to touch somewhere. It starts early.
All my Siberians, going back generations sleep in this position. I see it being passed down and it is just another reason why I truly love genetics. Sakari has started it at <2 weeks of age.
Atiq just had his nails done (Sakari, too). So far they have had that done x3 with no problems. The trick is to start early and get them used to having their feet handled along with their whole body.
And after a big yawn comes a snooze~~~and both Atiq and Sakari go back to mom waiting patiently in the whelping box.
Today is their 2 week birthday! And here is Atiq’s 2 week picture. She is 2# 14.5 oz. today and did quite well for her first photo shoot. It’s a good thing as I take many photos, so she better get used to posing! Her AKC name will be Amarok’s Summer Solstice (hopefully). It always depends on AKC approval…
Sakari did pretty well for her first shoot, too, but was a little more squirmy; but she settled down quickly and we got it done just fine. She is 3# 0.5 oz. Sakari’s AKC name will hopefully be Amarok’s Midsummer Wind or Midsummer Warmth (I am on the fence…). Again, – AKC approval.
The pups are always quick to let me know when they are done with an activity!
Today, we started the Dremel. I get them used to the vibration on their feet. Starting on on a very low vibration, I just let them feel the vibes for a short time on both their back feet and
their front ones, too.
Everyone sleeps the majority of their day away. The rest of their time is spent…
…you guessed it, nursing (or getting to mom to nurse). That will change once their eyes and ears open, which should be next week.
Every morning we start out the day with a cuddle. What could be better? Sometimes it is short, sometimes it is long, but it is there everyday~
for both, of course.