Ash x Quista II

Ch. Amarok’s Inner Sanctum ~ “Ash”
GCH Amarok’s Northern Sanctuary ~ “Quista” ~
Early sonogram with the “black hole”, when we knew we had life!
…heartbeat and blood flow! Success! But a very long way to go~
The whelping box was set up and everyone got used to it. It was easy peasy as all had seen it many times before. No biggie for them, but lots of furniture moving to get the living room and second bedroom rearranged AGAIN!
A later sonogram (on a different type of sonogram ) show the jawbones and muzzle of one of the 3 pups.
Here you are looking down at the top of the head and some of the vertebrae of a pup.
The ribcage shows up well. You can even count them!
I don’t have to tell you about this. S/He is practicing nursing or yelling. IDK which! 🤔
Getting close to delivery…there is the spinal cord!
The kidneys are the last to develop and you want to see the cortex in the kidneys developed. Then it is a “go!” The pups are ready. Just waiting for her Progesterone to be down close to a 2.
Quista is more than ready!
I really was not expecting Saturday the 11th, but her Progesterone took a rapid drop to 2.3 and as you know the pups were more than ready, so they landed. One girl had a severe cleft palate and was not revived. But, the glass is truly half full with 2 big healthy baby girls. Several hours later, Q, A and the 2 pups and I were on our way home.
With a c-section, it takes a bit of work to get things in sync with the pups and mom due to sedation and latching….many times days. So, the pups need to be tube fed, helped with excretion and getting everything working properly between mom and pups. We are in this stage now, but making good progress.
Both gals are red (there is no such thing as a brown Siberian!). The light red gal will look like papa Ash (on the left). The liver red gal will look like the color of Kaho (on the right). You can always tell a red Siberian as they have liver red “points”- noses and mucus membranes (around eyes, mouth and buttholes). Black and grey Siberians have black “points”.
But, as u can see, they are finally latched. But I am in there all the time when the pups are there at this point. Soon, she will be taking over completely. But, it is a process.

Here’s the liver red girl, un-named as of today, but that will come shortly. Priorities first! Actually today we started the very beginnings of nail clipping, which is getting used to having their paws handled…along with the rest of their little body. At 1 day she weighs 13 oz.
And here is the light red girl. Their markings may change somewhat as they grow and develop, but stay mainly similar. There are many markings that are allowed in Siberians and many that are not allowed according to the Standard! She is 12 oz. Both a down just a bit from their birth weight, but that is normal and will go up quickly.
Now, dewclaws are off. These girls only have front dewclaws, so they are now gone. They need to be taken off within a few days before they calcify. The pink bandages come off quickly, as you can see! Not even a whimper from them.
And Q. has settled in beautifully. Now home from the vet. No muzzle, no me and just nursing quietly, cleaning them up and doing things just as if nothing had happened the last few days… I can rest easier tonight.
Quista had the girls all night by herself with no issue. We are over the hump! Both girls weight wise are up 1.5 oz. @ this morning and I expect them to be = to or over their birthweight by tomorrow. Today they will get their first nail trim, body rub down and start socialization. It’s all good.
Toenails were done, if they needed it. Everyone got a nice foot massage first. Just the very tips were taken off as I didn’t want to nip the quick. They will get done at least weekly, maybe more depending on how fast they grow.
A daily massage is a must. The pups need to know that they can be touched everywhere (and I mean everywhere!). This is necessary for grooming, vet appointments and socialization. Start early and they will take it with them their whole life.
UH! no umbilicus~ her belly button has appeared. A first for the red gal. The other one on the liver sister will be gone by tomorrow! There are innumerable firsts happening right before our eyes…just need to be open and watch for them.
Ash has met his daughters a few times now. He is very gentle with them. He sniffs their noses, ears and also checks out their hind ends. Note his relaxed expression and ears. He is calm and interested. He also takes his cues from me and knows it is just fine. They are family.
The liver gal is over her birthweight and is now 1#1.5 oz. She is eating like a little “Siberian Sumo”…eat, sleep, eat, sleep, eat, sleep. Getting a little pudge belly!
~and her red sister is also over her birthweight today! 1#.5 oz and also is a little pudge. So tomorrow starts a new game…All dogs love to play games and we start early! “Let’s go find Mommy!” The kids need to travel a bit to find Q. No more help from me. The need to use their legs and noses when placed a piece away from her. The reward…You guessed it! Yummy milk! My dogs work for everything (NILIF)~ need to start them early.
A nice head shot of the light red gal.
~and of the liver red gal.
Now, a nose is NOT a nipple! lol!
This is a good stretch with the back legs all the way out.
Time to start major socialization with new people. My friend, Jill, stopped by several times so the pups can get used to new touches, scents and friends.
When you stroke their cheeks, they yawn. So very cute!!
1 week old already! Sakari (light red) means “Sweetness” and weighs in at 1# 10 oz. Atiq (pro. a-teek) means “mama bear”) also weighs the same…1# 10 oz. I have decided on their Registered Names but am saving those…
I call this “legs”. I think you can figure out why…
Socialize, Socialize, Socialize! It happens everyday now.
Men, women, old, young and will even get some kids shortly. I start with folks in the inner circle and work out. Pups need to get used to them all. Everyone has different scents and different ways of handling them. And it is all good.
And here is the first one now that I am starting to expand my circle outwards slowly and carefully.
When Siberians (and dogs in general) sleep they like to touch somewhere. It starts early.
All my Siberians, going back generations sleep in this position. I see it being passed down and it is just another reason why I truly love genetics. Sakari has started it at <2 weeks of age.
Atiq just had her nails done (Sakari, too). So far they have had that done x3 with no problems. The trick is to start early and get them used to having their feet handled along with their whole body.
And after a big yawn comes a snooze~~~and both Atiq and Sakari go back to mom waiting patiently in the whelping box.
Today is their 2 week birthday! And here is Atiq’s 2 week picture. She is 2# 14.5 oz. today and did quite well for her first photo shoot. It’s a good thing as I take many photos, so she better get used to posing! Her AKC name will be Amarok’s Summer Solstice (hopefully). It always depends on AKC approval…
Sakari did pretty well for her first shoot, too, but was a little more squirmy; but she settled down quickly and we got it done just fine. She is 3# 0.5 oz. Sakari’s AKC name will hopefully be Amarok’s Midsummer Wind or Midsummer Warmth (I am on the fence…). Again, – AKC approval.
The pups are always quick to let me know when they are done with an activity!
Today, we started the Dremel. I get them used to the vibration on their feet. Starting on on a very low vibration, I just let them feel the vibes for a short time on both their back feet and
their front ones, too.
Everyone sleeps the majority of their day away. The rest of their time is spent…
…you guessed it, nursing (or getting to mom to nurse). That will change once their eyes and ears open, which should be next week.
Every morning we start out the day with a cuddle. What could be better? Sometimes it is short, sometimes it is long, but it is there everyday~
for both, of course.
I added this snap so you could see their size in relation to Quista. They are growing by leaps and bounds now.
Socialization continues and the folks they are exposed to widens. As you can see, Quista is calm, relaxed and comfortable with friends handling here pups.
We are now starting “The Firsts” (as I call it!). Sakari just opened her eyes a few minutes ago. Her first “first”, They are blue, but a very dark blue, so I think they will brown out. Time will tell though. Atiq will follow shortly, I believe. They are taking a very few wobbly steps, too.
The “first” jailbreak happened within about 6 hours of Sakari’s eye’s opening! What a little snip! So, the lower gate will have to go up. Once you give them freedom, you can not take it back, so give it sparingly and in small bits. Atiq’s eyes are just starting to open and are probably open as I type this…
Atiq’s eyes are fully open, too. They squinted for a day and then opened yesterday. They are a dark blue, so I feel they will also brown out, just as Sakari’s will. Quista has the most beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes. Who knows? It is all in the genes~
Red, White and Blue and Happy Independence Weekend to you! 3 weeks old today! As you can see, focus is not quite there yet, but it should not be yet, but it is coming. Weight today for Atiq is 4# 3oz. She is moving very well and working on her endurance. Ears have opened and both orient to sound now.
Sakari is in the same boat; just a tad bigger- 4# 6.5oz. She has the worst time getting around when the pads get moved and the rubber flooring makes it slippery. She loses her back footing. Always a learning process to get that hiney moving! lol ☺️
Side by side. Except when they are playing, which is what they are starting to do now~~~
Another “First”. Their first game! Who has whose nose? I have yours!
NO! I have yours! Guess it’s a tie game for the “First” round! But, there will be plenty more rounds to go for these gals.
Maybe I can get Mommy’s nose!!??🤣🤔🤣Even at this early age, they are always up for a challenge!
Today is cleaning day and all the cleaning and vacuuming certainly does not seem to bother any of them. That is good as the pups will take after what they see mom do. If she is not concerned, they see no reason to be either.
Yes, I know many of the pics I have posted show these 2 little gals snoozing and quietly resting, but they are getting louder and have some pretty noisy moments, too! They even let out a bark in their sleep sometimes!
I have started clicker training with the girls. They get a click whenever they come to me; whenever I pick them up for a cuddle or whenever they just do anything that I like.
As you can see I am just beginning to start them on water. That is something that we go slow on and it takes a day or two for them to start. Once they drink water, they also continue to nurse until mom won’t allow it anymore.
Many times I get my finger wet and tap their mouth until they lick my finger. That helps get them started. There are several tricks we use to get them started.
Girls 1st Walk
The girls are starting to play/chew with their toys. Poor stuffed bunny; Yay Sakari!
Socialize, Socialize, Socialize! Here Sakari is meeting my neighbor, Carol. It is always a good thing.
But playtime is followed quickly by sleep. That is still #1 on their “To Do” list. They are still babies, after all.
For their 4 week birthday, we had company! Our neighbors, Frank and his wife, Debbie. Here is Frank with Sakari, who weighs in at 5# 13.5 oz! Yikes!
And here is Debbie giving Atiq some sugar. She is 5# 9 oz., so just a tad under her sister weight wise.
Right on schedule, guess what is showing up! Baby teeth and they are just like little needles. So, the girls not only have little stuffy toys, but I have also started getting them some hard puppy toys to chew on. Let the teething begin! You can also see that their little noses are filling in to the usual liver color that all red Siberians have. And if you look closely you will also see that tomorrow is nail clipping day…

The Adventure Box is done. This is an area that allows the pups to be provided with a variety of distractions and noises. They get used to them and realize that it is all well and good and that noises are just noises and will not hurt them. Things like this are best started early.
I initially has Quista go in with the pups for a very few minutes then she scooted out. The pups took to it well and appeared more curious and not afraid of anything. They explored most everything, taking their time walking around; going in and out; nudging and sniffing. Just what I want to see. No fear.
They will be in it about 2x/day until they become bored with it (a week or so)…then it will be just about time for them to start exploring the great outdoors. They are pretty tired tonight and will sleep well. They are snoozing deeply now. Nighty night, sweet dreams!
4 weeks old is a time for many changes. As you can see the girl’s water bowl is in the whelping box most all their waking time now. It even has an ice cube to keep it extra cold for those little milk teeth coming in. And the chewy toys (hard and stuffies) have truly expanded. Some stuffies squeak, some crinkle/crack and the duck even quacks. It is hard to stay one step ahead of these little cuties, but I try! They can walk around the living room a little and explore under close supervision daily. And, of course…the Adventure Box several times a day. Sakari has let out a howl a time or two, too! The process continues with clicker training every time they do anything I am happy with (which is A LOT)! Onward~one baby step at a time.
The girls have a new kitty tunnel now. It is fun for them to play “Hide and Seek” in and although not a toy that they can use for a very long time as they grow, it is a very fun thing for them to use for a bit! I do cut
out the hanging toys from inside, though…

Atiq has already found out she can peek her head out from the center section!
Gotta socialize them around kids, too. And here is Atiq getting sugar, which she absolutely loves. ♥️ It is good for the soul!
But when they are tired, they always find a little nice spot to rest…just like we all do. Company can be SO very exhausting! 🥱

Take me riding in the car! Yes, they had their first big car car ride yesterday. They just went down the street to a neighbors house for a visit, but it went very well. No vomiting and no noise. Another ride probably every few days to get used to it.
And even more “Firsts”! Their first time outside in the grass. Lots of exploring to do here and even a few blades of grass to try and munch on! I am starting their 7 on 7 (7 surfaces in 7 weeks!) So far they have been on rugs, cloth, linoleum and grass. 3 more surfaces to go!
Sakari had her first experience on the grooming table at 5 weeks today. She is 6# 15.5 oz. Nails were trimmed today on both girls and they were also wormed again. It was a busy Saturday morning here at Amarok Siberians.
Atiq was up there, too getting a feel of the grooming table. Atiq weighs in at 6# 10 oz., so she continues to be a few oz. below Sakari, but gaining at a great consistent speed. All is well as they both continue their growth journey!
Atiq’s face.

Sakari’s face.
Sakari getting slowly used to a collar.
Ditto for Atiq.
First Jaunt
Now that they have been outside several times, it is time for the wading pool! Sometimes it takes a few tries, but the Kontoki dogs usually like it, esp. on hot days!
Ash couldn’t wait to get in and show Sakari the ropes. It felt good on his tootsies, too. And yes, they use it like a fountain and drinking bowl!
We always take advantage of a socialization times and that goes for wading pool day. Here is our friend, Christine rocking Sakari to sleep. It didn’t take much convincing. Both of them were ready for some sack time. Her mom, Terri has Atiq. You can just see her little feet to the left.
After that socialization time, they went into the whelping box and went right back to sleep…and were out for a very loooong time.
Today is a very rainy day so we needed some indoor activities so the tunnel came out and the toys went in the tunnel. After a very long time, it became quiet. (Sometimes a good thing, sometimes- not so good!). So I checked and found this. Sakari, taking a tunnel snooze amidst her toys inside the tunnel and Atiq quietly watching in another leg of the tunnel. What cuties.
Here is a nice picture of the family spending some time outside.
Another “First”! First food. I start by letting them lick some gruel (softened food and warm water) off my finger. Mom is always there to get any drip drops.
I start them off feeding them in a crate. It does not take long. I go back and forth letting them eat in the crate and in the playpen. I want them to get used to eating in the crate, as that is where they will eat when they grow up in my home.
I also touch them (and their food) while they are eating. They need to learn early that they will get their food and not to be food aggressive.
The new enlarged playpen has been added to the whelping box. The gals have more room to play and have fun. When I feed them in the playpen, they get fed in the front part.
And here the girls are having their breakfast in the front of the playpen. At this point in their young lives, the eat out of the same dish. When older, they will get their own. Sometimes they eat neatly, sometimes, it is pretty messy. Sounds like kiddos, eh?
6 weeks old and time for an updated headshot! Sakari is 8# 6.5 oz. She and her sister are looking like real Siberians now!
Atiq is 8# 1.5 oz., just a tad under her sister.
I continue with collar training and have added a leash.
At this point, it is just getting them used to it and realizing there are going to be life long boundaries. Ahhh, the life of a dog.

Socialization does continue with meeting new friends and here the girls meet Sally, a neighbor, friend and fellow Fire Auxiliary Lady who is a true dog lover also.
You can see that and Sakari knows that deep in her soul…💞🐾
Atiq, dock diving
The girls entrance
Summer heat is in full swing, but we needed to get out the big pool! Even dad joins in for a dip, mom, too, but I didn’t get her in this shot. Vaccinations next Tuesday. Boy, the time has certainly sped by—
7 weeks and Sakari has broken the 10# mark. Growing up so very fast…
And Atiq is just one little tiny step behind, but has probably caught up by the time this goes online…9# 9 oz. at 7 weeks.
Lunch…or breakfast. It is all good. Yummmmm!

Even when you are older the Snuggle Puppy with a heartbeat is still the very favorite for nap time. 💤🐾♥️

As u can see, we are rapidly outgrowing our quarters. Pretty soon it will be full time crate training!!
It is birthday bath day!! Here’s Sakari starting her first bath. I like to give them all their first bath so they get a good introduction to it. They both love the pool, so I figured it would go well and it did. But, then, who doesn’t love scrubbing bubbles??
Sometimes the best part of a bath, is cutting up in that nice big towel and she loved that, too. Each pup took 2 towels to get them pretty dry and they both fluffed up just beautifully.
Atiq got the big towel treatment, as well, after her bath. Both also got a good case of the zoomies after their birthday bath, just like mom and dad do.
While Atiq was finishing drying off with her second towel, though, she decided to give it some munching on. Good idea as it probably felt good on those teeth!
8 weeks old and it is vaccine day. Dr. Bache checks the girls head to tail, updates their weight (11#@), gives a dose of Panacur…
…and their DA2PPV Ultra First Vaccination. They came home with their first Simparica flea meds to be given a few days later. They also got LOTS of puppy love and socialization from all the staff there. 💖
The girls are spending more time getting used to the grooming table and the grooming noose now. They are getting their nails trimmed on the table and not on my lap. Here is Sakari getting hers done on the table. They get their nails done often so they are quite used to it, as you can see.
And the same with Atiq. Early exposure, patience and repetition always pays off in spades.
They also get brushed and handled on the table. At this point, soft brushes are used and they get exposed to low speeds on the blow dryer. Everything is slow and deliberate. They also watch and see that also happens with their folks, so they know it is aok!
When we are out for walks, we sometimes use different leads and walk at different paces. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast and I work on different basic skills with these little creatures. But, we always have time for lots of puppy playtime!!
Today we went to Petsmart for a little browsing and getting out in the big wide world. It did not take long for them to check out everything. They certainly loved meeting all the staff and lots of the customers.
There was something to see and smell in just about every isle. It was just maaavelous!, simply maaavelous!
And, of course, we could not leave without spending some good old greenbacks! They love crinkles, so I headed them in the right direction and they picked them out. They even helped take them to checkout. They did, however, let me pay for them…🤷🏻‍♀️
Thought I would get a nice little head shot of Atiq. I asked the vet about her left eye and why it looked a little bit off to the side. He said it was completely fine, it is just that they third eyelid is colored white where in the right eye it is colored black. So, you can see it in her left eye and not in the right. Just genetics and the way God made her. She is absolutely normal.
And here is Atiq’s close up headshot. Ash always had eyebrows for a short time when he was growing up. Nika, the pup from Ash x Quista I, had them, too, for a short time. And it looks like Sakari is going to have them, as well. Again, genetics…The nut does not fall from from the old Ash Tree. (lol 😆)
Thought you would like to see their little playground in the backyard. Lots to go in, on, under around and through. The pool gets dumped, moved and refilled daily along with the equipment, so they get a new set up everyday and the grass continues to grow.
The slide is a big hit and sometimes they slide down it and sometime they use it as a runway, as Atiq so aptly demonstrates here.
They can not quite jump up on to the ledge yet to access the slide, so they get up on the table and go through. There is always a way around it until they get big enough to just do the jump up.
They can jump down easily from the table onto the grass or into the pool, but still need a little hand up to get up on the table, as shown by the low step. They won’t need that for long, though.
Today was a BIG day. They had a very long ride, back to the reproductive vet, where they were born. This is Rene’ who helped birth them. Ash actually had an appointment there, so they came along for a visit and to see many who had not seen them since the day they were born. They were in their crate for about 4 hours and did wonderfully with dad along, instead of mom. They also got a few new toys for the trip, but are outside resting now. No doubt, they will sleep well tonight. Me, too.
Today is a rest and relaxation, play day. Lots of fun outside with me in the pool and on the equipment. Yesterday was a rainy, thundery day when they had to spend much of it inside so they needed lots of time outside today to get off their pent up energy.
Tomorrow is D-Day…Darcy Day and Decision Day for me. Tough one, for sure. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
We had a great time with Darcey today. She did quite a complete evaluation on both of them and found +’s and -‘s in @. Much as we would like to think they are perfect, they are not and it is very necessary to look critically, albeit lovingly at @ of them. Final decision is that Sakari will be staying and Atiq will be going to a wonderful FURever home with a great Siberian sister. Tomorrow, both will be visiting one of our local elder homes. Will be fabulous!

Before we went to the nursing home, everyone got groomed. First the adults, then the girls, but I must admit, it was hard to groom Atiq when mom and dad decided to get on the grooming table with her, too! Just a TIDGE crowded up there. But she got done and her nails clipped, too!
Same with Sakari…must be mom and dad just don’t quite trust me enough yet (lol). Here dad is doing some of his many vocalizations and she is just kind of wondering where the heck did that come from…
Everyone had a great time at the nursing home. We are limited with pics there, but everyone met many folks, got petted lots and got their little teeny heads filled with many compliments. Now is the time to get them out and socialize, socialize, socialize! Many people and places. It is always a very good thing for a happy, tired puppy.
Atiq will be heading to her new forever home in a few days. Here she is meeting Holly, her new Siberian sister. The pups had a good amount of time outside in the gated area together and did very well. She liked them and they liked her, too! And Holly loves the water, as well, so it is a win-win. Once Atiq heads off, Sakari will be putting on her big girl pants and moving, too, so she will be in with the Amarok crew. More pics will show how that goes…
Friends are stopping in to say doodle-oo to Atiq. Sakari wants attention, too. She is a Siberian, after all. Here they get love and sugar from Amy and Travis, who they have known since their birth.
Here is just a nice little shot of the two of them. Sakari’s face has changed dramatically in the last few days and, although she looks incredibly like Ash, her face has become Quista. I just love genetics! I think Atiq’s face will be more like Ash’s, but time will always tell…
And just a nice little snap of Ash, Atiq and Sakari. And it only took about 30 pics, 2 people, lots of time, loads of patience and my teacher voice! Taking pet photos is no easy job…🤷🏻‍♀️
We are in the vet’s waiting room…waiting. The girls received many compliments on how well behaved they were. They got their 2nd vaccinations and a recheck. Weights today are 15.2 and 16.3 with Sakari a pound heavier, as she has been just about her entire life. It is countdown to Atiq leaving; just about 8 hours from now. I am so very excited for her to begin her life with her new family!

Atiq has headed off to her new home and family. She has a new loving mom, dad and new Siberian sister who is anxious to show her the ropes in her new house and yard. There is always an adjustment period…there and here, but she has had a great start and will do just fabulous. Miss and love you, my little Atiqi-wiki. 💞♥️💖
The Whelping box/play area is down and in its place is a smaller play area for Sakari to be in so that she can be with the family during toilet training. She plays in here, rests in here but sleeps in her crate in the bedroom, next to mom and right across from dad and only a few feet from Majic and me.
This is what the new play area is like.
And here is afternoon nap time, which is what it is now.
But, that wonderful old genetics still pops up! Genes are genes and you just can’t get away from them! God, I love them!!
Sakari and I spent some time this weekend at the Farmer’s Market. It was fun and we met some 4 legged relatives, visiting lots of people, had practice going up and down many (many steps), smelling lots of unusual things and seeing things that she has never seen before.
She checked out an operational fountain, crossed many streets, checked out park benches and even went in and out of a gazebo.
But, show training goes on and at home we are learning how to “stack”. It is a process as, being a puppy, the last thing she wants to do is stand still. But a piece of her food does help. For some reason, food is a motivator for man and beast alike!
Play time is also educational time for puppies. Here a floppy squeaky squirrel is attached to a whip. (And yes, mom and dad LOVE ♥️ this whip toy, too!). Playing with it expends lots of energy, teaches “drop it”, “sit” and of course, the infamous “Good Girl!” and anything else the you can fit in there. And, yes, she is also starting work on the teeter totter in the background.
Sakari is doing lots of things while waiting for her first puppy class to begin. She is learning to go on the teeter totter here. This is one of the initial steps. There is lots of encouraging words and a close guiding hand. You will notice that the teeter totter has yellow at both ends. In competition, the dog must have paws on both yellow ends-beginning and end. No jumping off and on allowed. So, get them doing it right; right from the start!
This is one of the next steps. As you can see, I now have her on a leash, where she will have more control herself. I also make sure she is collected and paying attention before we start. Tons of encouragement, as always. At the end, she is anxious to get to some of that newly mowed grass to munch on! Sometimes, my Siberians are little cows! 🤣 Doing a variety of things like this builds confidence. And, to be successful in the show ring, she will need lots!

It’s a very rainy and muddy day outside, so lots of inside stuff happening. Here we are working on our “Happy Legs”! It is training to learn to stand for the show ring quietly and in proper position. She only does it for a few seconds and then gets a yummy treat at this point. Time lengthens as training goes on. It is a process, just as everything is.
Today was the first heavy wet snow and Sakari did just fine. Was happy and interested but no big deal, yet. Will see how she likes it when the real snow begins to fall around here.
It is her first time on the treadmill, but she has watched her parents multiple times. She will only get better and more confidant, which is what you want.😉
She is getting out to behold many new places, sights and smells. Today it was the Dunkirk pier and dock. She had lots of practice jumping up and down off all the benches, seeing Seagulls, and even sniffing algae and other good stuff! Met a few folks, too!
Here she is getting a glimpse of the loading and unloading docks and seeing all the empty slips as most have taken their boats out for the winter.
Just a nice profile of her with the Lake in the background. That little white speck on the horizon is a Sailboat out for a nice sail-on one of our Indian Summer days.
On the way back to the car, she decided to do a little litter cleanup. IDK if I can teach her how to put it in the trashcans yet, they are all pretty tall in comparison to her now.
As she ages, I am exposing her to lots of new things. I want her to become a confident Siberian and this is the way to do it. Every time she is successful with something new and different, she becomes more confident. A confident Siberian can win in the show ring! Actually, aster she did the jump, she went over the baby picnic table and finished the see-saw, too. It is all a process.
Sakari and Ash went to our local Retirement Home. Ash is an old hand at this, so no issue, but it was Sakari’s first time. She did absolutely great. Met many folks and even did a demo of several of her skills. A fabulous hour well spent!
Just a nice photo of her enjoying the time outside in this glorious Indian Summer we are having. You will note her new collar. She is now fully trained on the Invisible Fence, just like the rest of Amarok’s family.

Sakari is growing well and has outgrown her first crate. It is time for a new one that is larger. As you can see she just finished eating and is ready for whatever comes next!
Is it the middle of a large Lake Effect snowstorm-her first, but a long way from her last! The gang was outside playing and hanging out for al most 6 hours. Time for a nap and today she is on my lap. It was a fine time for some bonding.

Obviously, she was in a deep sleep and getting those REM’s. Nap/bonding time lasted for over an hour.
She has settled in (in the toy department) and prefers the chewies to the stuffs, ATM. Probably due to getting her adult teeth.

This video is just a fun slo-mo video of her with that favorite chewy. Her large molars are coming in and you can see that is where she is concentrating on with that chewy.
Here is daughter and mom sleeping in that same position! Still absolutely LOVE genetics!
This video shows an introductory Focus activity. I use Charlybears for their goodie which is like a little pillow filled with air (low calorie but delicious). Ash is a pro at this, but I use him as a model of what has to be done. I have a bear in my closed fist and offer it to the Siberian. I wait until s/he turns their head as I want them not to focus on the hand/treat. As soon as I see that turn/flip; the treat is given. So, watch the head. This is only the second day I worked with Sakari on it. The training sessions are short and always end positively. I will do this with her for another few days and then we move on to the next Focus activity.

She has just started her conformation training. Tonight was an introductory time…getting the lay of the place, meeting a few different types of dogs and just 2 quick run throughs.
At this place, there is a “room of mirrors” and she had a little fun with that room.

Sakari is learning that “Patience is a virtue!”
Atiq is doing great and has learned to ring the bell when she wants to go outside. he is coming right along with her training and growing up!
Just when you think you have seen it all…I might as well say “Come in, relax and make yourself to home.” as she absolutely is! 😆