Arkwright Spirit Guardians

One of my favorite huge Virginia Poplars was dying.  Instead of chopping it down and grinding out the fabulous root system, I had it sculpted.  Here is the video from start to finish.  I hope you will enjoy it as much as I loved putting the video together and seeing the beauty everyday. [youtube][/youtube]

New Champion!

  Majic has gotten his AKC Championship and did it rip snortin’ fast.  He got it in just 2 months AND he finished with 4 majors.  I am floored.  It has taken him a long time to grow up…No doubt, he is a late bloomer, but he is finally getting there and turning out wonderfully.  …

Avidog Adventure Box

Well, 3 pups have arrived and now we have 2 more boys and another girl in our pack.  I found this great Avidog Adventure Box and decided it would be a fabulous tool for their development.  My next door neighbor helped and it turned out wonderfully!  The pups can start using it when they begin …

New Title!

Today, Xandaar got his Rally Novice Title!  Xandaar is one of the boys from Kaho X Kayta’s second litter.  He got his first 2 legs last weekend in Erie, Pa. and his last leg in Buffalo today.  Way to go, Xandaar!  I am SO proud of you and Jackie, too.

New Champion!

Kayta finished her AKC Ch today (8/15/13) at the Danville Kennel Club in Greensboro, N.C.  She only needed 1 more major and she got a 3 pointer today under the experienced hand of Tommy Oelschlager.  We also want to thank the judge, Mrs. Sulie Greendale-Paveza.  It has been a long and frustrating journey, but now, …

Xandaar’s News

Xandaar (male pup from Kaho X Kayta’s second litter) got the first leg of his Rally Novice today at the Dunkirk Show with 84 points.   We are sending lots of congrats to him and his mom, Jackie, for the very good start!

Kaho, The Sonic Siberian

I finally broke down and bought a new camcorder as I was so frustrated with the quality of the 2 YouTube videos I posted.  When I actually went and looked at the camcorder, it actually had casettes in it, so it was pretty old.  So, not I have a new one and made a new …

Shedding Tips

Kaho Shedding [youtube][/youtube]